Paulding County parents hold press conference at superintendent's office

Source: WGCL

Parents are saying enough is enough. They want a change for their kids who to to school in Paulding County.

Tuesday, they held a press conference at the the superintendent's office hoping to be heard. After the press conference, more than 30 people marched into the superintendent's office where they were met by a spokesperson who told them that the superintendent would only meet with six people at noon.

"What I've witnessed here is shocking," said one parent.

Margret Bilodeau's daughter attends Hiram High School. She said racism is a big problem in Paulding County.

"She's witnessed plenty of her friends being treated poorly and even being punished when they were actually the victim," said Bilodeau.

Beverly Warren's daughters attend North Paulding High School- and since middle school they have been called racial slurs.

"They've been called several times on the bus in the school in the classroom, in the hallways they've been called the n-word, monkey, we don't want you here why are you here, this is our school," said Warren.

Everyone who was at the press conference hoped to meet with Superintendent Dr. Brian Otott but the school district spokesperson said he was already in a meeting and told them they could make an appointment for another day.

"It's very frustrating I RSVP so I don't understand why I'm not in the meeting," said one parent.

The superintendent did not meet with the parents who RSVP'd, the parent coalition or the groups attorney. Guiness tells me this is another example of the school district showing they don't care.

"If you cared last year my daughter wouldn't have wanted to commit suicide last year wanted me to move," she said.

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