ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) For many disabled veterans maintaining quality of life can be a major obstacle. A local veteran told CBS46 the systems currently in place are making it harder for her to live.

“ My half of the rent my truck and car insurance, I just had the gas turned off...”, said Charmaine Comstock Price, as she ran down her list of expenses. And while that list went on she said she only has $1,200 to cover it all.

She said the VA has been garnishing her wages, social security and disability for $220. The 100 percent disabled veteran's only income is $1,400 from social security, and it is being garnished by the VA to cover prescription copay.

“People wonder why veterans are homeless, now I see”, said Prices close friend Gray. “Now I see why so many veterans are homeless. When you’re only trying to survive on over $1,000 a month and they’re telling you that’s enough to survive, they don’t consider your expenses and then they charge you co-pays and then they charge you penalties,” added Gary.

To come up with the copay figure, the VA uses a means test which calculates the vets income. But those close to Price believe the calculation is flawed.

“It only takes in to account two things, your income or your medical expenses. It doesn't take into account for any other expenses. Rent, utilities, food, transportation, “ added Gary.

As a result of the means test, $220 is being taken from Prices' disability check, leaving her with the option of choosing between her medication and having a safe place to lay her head.

“It’s breaking her, it’s breaking her down. She already suffers with PTSD. She’s fighting the very government that she fought for. The possibility that she could end up homeless is a very real possibility and it’s frustrating because it doesn't have to happen” added Gary.

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