Pet store in legal trouble after selling thousands of sick puppies

(Source: WGCL)

Petland Puppies in Kennesaw is under fire after a lawsuit was filed alleging the store sells sick puppies.

"I saw more unhealthy puppies coming from Petland than I saw as the medical director of the Fulton County Animal Shelter," said Dr. Michael Good, who has been practicing for over 40 years.

He was a consultant for Petland for nine years, and he says he treated thousands of sick dogs that are sold at the Kennesaw store.

"If someone adopts a dog or buys a dog, they'd like to think they are getting a healthy animal, but when you got a mass production the way Petland does, where people are handling them all day, there's all these chances of transmitting diseases," he says.

Dr. Good provided statements that are part of a class action lawsuit claiming that Petland knowingly sells sick puppies.

"The fact that people purchased these dogs [that] have a lot of issues after they purchase it, and then there's a lot of finger pointing on who's to blame, instead of owning up and saying, hey we sold you a sick puppy we're going to make it right."

When a manager at the pet store was asked if sick puppies were being sold, this was the response: "Absolutely not, you continue to ask questions but I can't answer questions."

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed that 55 people have gotten sick after contact with puppies at Petland stores across the country.

Oct. 12 is Dymond Dove's birthday and all she wanted was to go shopping for a puppy. She had no idea the Kennesaw store was involved in a lawsuit that alleges they sell sick puppies.

"Wow, that's heartbreaking and disgusting," said Dove. "I would rather go to a shelter or somewhere other than Petland."

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