CARROLL COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) – Sometimes life lessons happen when you least expect them. For Rick Scott and his 5-year old son, Jamaine, it happened at a local car wash.

On June 19th Scott was driving home to celebrate the Juneteenth holiday with his family. He spotted two police officers at a car wash as he was passing by, so he decided to stop to ask them about the city’s ordinance on fireworks.

“I wanted to know the ordinance because I wanted to be sure, because we were about to have fireworks. I didn’t want the police called on me. So we came here, I came here and I asked them about the city ordinance,” said Scott.

But as Scott pulled into the car wash his 5-year old said something that stopped him in his tracks.

“As I was approaching, my son told me, 'Dad don’t do it, they’re going to shoot you!'”

He knew at that moment he had to act.

“As a father, I, I felt I had to step in and let him see something different,” said Scott. So he got out and started a conversation with Officers Charles Thompson and Marc Lattanzio with the Temple Police Department. After awhile his son, realizing it was safe, got out of the vehicle too.

All four of them prayed together.

“I didn’t want my son to be fearful of the police officers, so when he came out we all joined hands and prayed. He prayed with us, so we all joined hands and we prayed here at this car wash, we all prayed together,” said Scott.

And with that, he says his son learned a valuable life lesson.

“He learned that, listen man, with God everything is possible! This whole thing is Jesus!” said Scott.

The officers say they were touched by the chance encounter as well.

“Children should never have to worry about that. That is so serious and it’s upsetting to me that someone would even think that way, especially a child,” said Officer Lattanzio. “We’re not here to hurt anyone. We’re here to help you, not hurt you.”

Officer Thompson said when Mr. Scott first approached them and asked them to speak with his son to quell his fears, he could immediately relate.

“I felt where he was coming from right off the bat with that message, when he said that. I said, yeah sure, of course we’ll talk to him. My daughter had just went to her mother and referenced her fear of me dying in riots and was crying about that, so ya know, I just felt where he was coming from,” said Thompson. “All the children are seeing all this, they’re hearing all this, they’re feeling all of it.”

After the four of them prayed together, Scott’s other son snapped a photo of the group; all of them holding hands. Scott posted that photo on his personal Facebook page. After a week and a half, the photo had nearly 60,000 shares.

“I had no clue, I had no clue! It was actually just a conversation and a pic I posted, and God took that thing and magnified it. I had no idea at all, none. It shocked me,” said Scott. “The world needs love and that’s what we’re doing here… that’s what we’re doing here, we’re spreading love."

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