Pizza delivery man arrested for allegedly stealing packages

BUCKHEAD, Ga. (CBS46) -- They say revenge is a dish best served cold and for Atlanta's pizza delivery porch pirate, his reckoning was ice cold.

"It was pretty clever, but annoying," said porch pirate victim Joanna Higgins

A man used a pizza delivery bag to steal packages from front porches, multiple times in Buckhead. Neighbors who had their packages stolen thought it was a disguise. 

"Stolen off the steps by a fake pizza guy," said Laura LaHiff, who’s package was stolen by the pizza porch pirate. 

Police said that guy is Cortez Brown and he's no fake pizza guy, he is... or at least was... a real Pizza Hut delivery guy.

On October 5 police were called to a robbery and assault in Northwest Atlanta involving a guy delivering pizzas. Asit turns out, the victim was Cortez Brown, also known as the pizza porch pirate. 

"I cannot believe he's a real pizza guy," said Higgins. 

The police report states Brown was delivering pizzas to an apartment when he was pistol whipped, the thieves stole $200 from Brown, and the pizza's before fleeing. 

Police put two-and-two-together when they noticed his bright blue PT cruiser, and he was promptly arrested. 

"Not so clever to drive a bright blue car, you know he's an actual pizza guy, karma is very sweet," said Higgins.

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