Plows scraping away road reflectors causing safety concerns

Source: WGCL

When the winter weather falls across metro Atlanta, snow plows are continually scraping the reflectors off the road and that's not helping drivers navigate the lanes.

But another problem pops up. Drivers say when the reflectors are scraped from the road, other vehicles kick up the reflectors, causing them to chip and crack windshields and scratch paint.

"Everything gets thrown around damaging the windshield and everything. It flies up," says Anezeth Mendoza.

CBS46 questioned GDOT spokesperson Natalie Dale about placing the reflectors deeper into the pavement but they told us it wouldn't be cost effective.

"The cost we would have to put in to burying these in the pavement and maintaining that, and the destruction it would have on our pavement like they do up north it's just, we don't get the best cost benefit for taxpayer dollars," Dale told CBS46 News.

Dale also says plowing in the South doesn't happen often enough to justify that method.

"You have to have a dedicated crew to come clear out those pockets and that's just another layer of this we would have to add on. And it's not, we wouldn't see the benefit based on how much we're plowing. These don't always come up and again, we are not always plowing every single road," continued Dale.

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