Several groups of drivers showed up to Gray's Towing in East Point to pick up their cars after they were impounded during what police say was a big street racing event early Sunday morning.

City of South Fulton Police and Georgia State Patrol participated a multi-agency bust arresting 90 people and impounding 45 cars at Buffington Highway near Naturally Fresh Boulevard.

The Department of Public Safety coordinated says the directive came from Governor Brian Kemp to form a "multi-agency crime suppression and street racing detail over the weekend of April 9-11. This joint effort by several metro Atlanta law enforcement agencies took place to combat violent crimes in specific areas and to address the growing issue of street racing that has plagued the city of Atlanta," a statement read.

Street racing bust

CBS46's Hayley Mason talked to some of the participants after they were released from jail on loitering charges.

"I don’t like how they’re making it seem like we are criminals," said one man from New York who did not want to be named. "We are not criminals. When the event went on, we was actually just posting and chilling and actually just coming together like maybe like a car show, not no street racing," he said.

Another driver from Miami said the group was spinning tires for spectators when police moved in and blocked everyone in.

"We are swinging-- doing donuts," the Miami man told CBS46. "That’s all we are doing. Going in circles. We are not doing anything else. We are not racing where nobody can get injured."

One mother told Mason she was upset that her children went to the proposed race that they saw on social media. It was her daughter's first possible race event.

"We were parked nobody was swinging then when the police came, then we got up and left but they had the strips and everything," the man from New York said. He argues that overall the events do not have dangerous crimes but are for car fanatics.

"People come out with big rims, people come out with cars and big speakers. People like seeing that. Kids like seeing that. That’s why I feel like out-of-towners see that on social media and they come they want to be a part of that."

Police say, however, the events are dangerous. Overall, they seized six guns and 33 grams of marijuana during the weekend bust in College Park.

Governor Brian Kemp rolled out legislation this year at to would make it a crime to watch, participate, or organize street racing events in Georgia.

"Anti-street racing legislation that will toughen penalties for offenders, hold those that promotes these activities accountable and keep our streets safe by changing our code, Kemp said in February when he rolled out the legislation that has now passed both Chambers of the General Assembly and is set to become law.

Promoters and organizers can face a misdemeanor of high nature. Drivers can have their licenses suspended and face years of jail time.

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