DeMarvin Bennett

EAST POINT, GA (CBS46) Twenty-four-year-old DeMarvin Bennett was arrested early Sunday morning in connection to the death of 73-year-old James Jackson "Jack" Hough.

Hough was a businessman and philanthropist in his Gainesville, Georgia, community. Police say Bennett shot and killed Hough in a CVS parking lot near his home.

“I spoke with the family this morning, I think relief, it just takes that cloud off of them as they begin their own healing process, as Mr. Hough’s funeral is now imminent on us, and I’m happy we’re able to give them that,” said Gainesville Police Chief Jay Parrish in a press conference.

It was Thursday night around 7:45 when police say Bennett approached Hough as he waited in his car with the windows down, while his wife ran inside CVS on Park Hill Drive.

“He resisted the suspect’s attempt, and a struggle ensued,” added Parrish.

Hough was shot twice in the torso while sitting inside his car. Police believe it was an armed robbery.

“In crimes like these there’s no winners, only losers, Mrs. Hough lost a wonderful husband, this community lost a wonderful man,” Parrish said.

Police were able to find forensic evidence Bennett left behind at the crime scene that led them back to him.

Various law enforcement agencies worked around the clock for days to find Bennet. They found him in East Point, where he’s from, and he was arrested without incident.

“Mr. Bennett and his girlfriend are not from Gainesville, they have only recently come to Gainesville in what we’ve developed as seeking employment and housing opportunity,” Parrish added.

Bennett is currently at the Hall County Jail. Police say he is cooperating with the investigation and add that he has a criminal history.

Police have also recovered what they believe to be the murder weapon.

“Although he’s already been charged with the offense of murder for the arrest warrant, by the time we get down to evaluating all of the evidence, we’ll charge appropriately, maybe add additional charges,” said Lee Darragh, the Hall County District Attorney.

“We have not been able to rest easy, this is not normal for Gainesville, and we’re glad this individual is off the streets and behind bars,” said Parrish.

CBS 46 reporter Melissa Stern spoke with Hough’s family on Sunday, and they say they are still in shock, but thankful and relieved an arrest has been made.

They’re just hoping to move past this now.

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