FULTON COUNTY (CBS46) In College Park drivers were caught on camera doing burnouts in a parking lot next to a group of children. It's part of an on-going problem with drag racing across the metro.

“We have folks out here who think it's a good idea to either drag race or do donuts for fun. I'm not a very big fan of it myself, I’ve seen people get hurt," said Thomas Aitkson who frequents the popular shopping center.

The pop up drag race took place Thursday at the International Plaza on Old National Hwy. The shopping center was packed with cars and people at the time the racers were weaving in and out of the crowd.

“Nobody around here likes the smell, nobody around here really enjoys the show. I’m not sure who they’re really trying to impress but it’s a very high-risk low-reward thing to do. We don’t appreciate it," said another person.

But there are some in support of the drag racers.

“It might not be legal but they’re still just having fun. No one‘s getting hurt, no one shooting, no one selling drugs, no one‘s doing any of that. I know it’s illegal but you can’t be mad at that, it's just drag racing,” said Delrico Green, another resident who frequents the plaza.

The racers were at the location for just about an hour then the drivers left as quickly as they came.

“I know it sounds a little crazy but that’s how some people vent, whatever they’re going through during the daytime they come out here and spin their wheels, it’s another form of how people relax” added Green.

But while the drivers find some release, others say enough is enough and law enforcement is working to put an end to it.

“The city of Atlanta Municipal Court has decided to change its policy and they will no longer issue bonds for people arrested for this activity,” said Atlanta Police Officer John Chaffee.

Officials say that means those arrested for street racing will have to wait to go before a judge to get bond. 

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