Laquitta Willis -- cashier killed at DeKalb grocery store

Laquitta Willis, 41, was killed after a dispute with a customer over a mask at a DeKalb grocery store. 

UPDATE: The cashier who was killed Monday in a shooting at a DeKalb County supermarket after a mask dispute with a customer has been identified as 41-year-old Laquitta Willis. 

Willis worked at the Big Bear Supermarket for over 10 years, according to those who knew her. A GoFundMe has been set up to help with the woman's funeral expenses. 

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) identified the suspected shooter on Monday, who is also accused of injuring a deputy.

According to investigators, the suspect is Victor Lee Tucker, Jr., 30, of Palmetto, Georgia. He is facing charges of murder and two counts of aggravated assault. 

Tucker was taken to Grady Hospital and is in stable condition.

Officials tell us the deputy who was shot is being treated at Atlanta Medical Center and is also in stable condition.

CBS46 News has learned from GBI a second cashier was grazed by a bullet and was treated for her injury on scene.

The food and retail union, United Food and Commercial Workers released a statement following the tragic incident: 

“For too long, many of our leaders have failed to consider how the changing COVID guidelines affect America’s essential workers who face daily exposure to individuals who are not vaccinated and refuse to wear masks. When workers are forced to play mask and vaccination police, they put their lives at risk. This has now resulted in the heartbreaking murder of an innocent grocery store cashier who was simply doing her job.

“Our country must do more to acknowledge the real and present dangers these workers continue to face on the front lines of the pandemic. As the union for essential food and retail workers, the UFCW is calling on leaders to address the safety threats and concerns of essential workers and act promptly to ensure that these workers and the communities they serve will be protected.”

UPDATE (CBS46) — The DeKalb County Sheriff's Office says a cashier at the Big Bear Supermarket has been killed after being shot during an altercation over a mask.

Sheriff Melody Maddox says a male suspect pulled out a gun and shot the cashier at the location. We do not yet know the identity of the woman who was killed, only that she was working as a cashier at the supermarket.

Sheriff Maddox said authorities do not know the specifics about the altercation over the mask, or what the store's policy is. Maddox said there were multiple people inside the supermarket when the shooting occurred. 

Authorities did provide an update on the sheriff's deputy who was shot after the altercation at the supermarket, saying he responded to the shooting and opened fire on the gunman, striking him multiple times.

The deputy is currently "stable" but the sheriff did not provide an update on his condition. 

The deputy is a 30-year veteran of law enforcement and the sheriff's office said he was trained for circumstances like the one that unfolded today. 

The suspect is currently being treated at Grady Memorial Hospital, but we do not know his condition at this time.

This story is developing and we will continue to update it with new information as it comes in.


DECATUR, Ga. (CBS46) — A DeKalb County Sheriff's Reserve Unit Deputy was shot following an incident at the Big Bear Supermarket near the South DeKalb Mall on Candler Road.

Initial information from the sheriff's office says a male suspect was involved in a dispute with a young woman before he began firing at her inside the store.  

The deputy, who was employed part-time for security with the store, intervened and returned fire and that's reportedly when the deputy was hit.

The extent of the injuries to all three people involved have not been released at this time, however, CBS46 has learned the deputy is expected to be OK.

An eyewitness on the scene tells CBS46 that the altercation started when a worker at the supermarket asked a man to put on his mask. She said the man became frustrated and shot the woman in the head. 

Police are expected to provide an update on the incident at 4:30 p.m.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is on scene to investigate.

CBS46 has also learned the deputy is a retired Major with the DeKalb County Police Department and recently moved over to the sheriff's office.

CBS46 has a team on scene and we will continue to provide updates as they become available.

Editor's note: Headline and first paragraph were changed because we learned the officer shot was a former member of the DeKalb County Police Department and a current member of the DeKalb County Sheriff's Office.

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