Police reports released in Georgia Tech student case leave unanswered questions

Photo from David Hubert's Facebook page

More information about the night a Georgia Tech student was reported missing has been released, but questions still remain.

Atlanta police released two incident reports - one from the night James Hubert, 24, was reported missing and the other from the day he was found.

Information from the report states that Hubert left a party he was attending around 11 p.m. on October 16.

Hubert's date to the party said he "seemed sad" while he was there and left alone with his date's cell phone in his jacket pocket.

His date tracked her cell phone in the area of Auburn Avenue heading towards DeKalb Avenue around 1 a.m the following morning.

A friend checked Hubert's apartment and told police all of his stuff was still there but he did not take his vehicle to the event and his vehicle was gone from his assigned parking space at his apartment.

The friend told police that it was out of character for Hubert to not have contact with anyone and "believes he was probably drunk when he left the event and possibly using recreational drugs."

On October 19, a new incident report was generated.

Police received an email from the mother of Hubert's date containing a screen shot of a map location that the cell phone had “pinged” on Saturday.

The Atlanta Police Department Missing Person Unit received a phone call at approximately 8:30 a.m. from the friend that originally reported him missing.

She told police her friends were looking for Hubert and that they had located him on ground along the side of the train tracks.

The friend said he was not responsive at first, but then woke up.

Police told the friend to call 911 and when police arrived, Hubert was already taken by ambulance to Grady Memorial Hospital.

The area where Hubert was found was approximately 100 yards away from the city street and sidewalk. There was a thick layer of brush and kudzu before the train tracks. There were two CSX tracks and then a ditch. The ditch separated the fence for the MARTA track and the two CSX tracks.

Hubert was found in the ditch with coats piled on top of him.

The friend who found Hubert said she and others had walked all through the abandoned building and parking lot off of Rodgers Avenue the previous evening. They wanted to walk on the train track but decided it was too dark. On October 19, they returned and walked the tracks for approximately 30 minutes and were about to head back to their cars when she saw the pile of coats. She did not immediately recognize it to be a person, however upon thorough examination she discovered Hubert face down under the pile.

The friend told police "she just knew that he would be on the train tracks." She stated that "she could just picture him walking on the train tracks like that would be a fun place to walk."

Hubert sustained some injuries to his face and was not able to move. He was dehydrated and very cold.

A source told CBS46 Hubert, whose nickname is reportedly 007, jumped off a bridge -- like James Bond in the opening scene of Skyfall-- onto a moving train, believed to be a CSX train.

Apparently the entire incident was captured on surveillance video which is now in the hands of police.

Hubert was found on the CSX side of the tracks. His shoes, we are told, were placed next to his body.

Wednesday afternoon, Jim Hubert, James Hubert’s father, released the following statement:"We don't have the full story yet about Jimmy's activities and whereabouts during the 55 hours that he was missing. It appears that he somehow got aboard a moving freight train. How he did this is unclear. What happened between his time on the train and the time he was found remains a mystery. "Did he do something reckless? It appears that he did. Was there a robbery? Police are still investigating that. To our family, the story hasn’t changed: Jimmy is alive today because of a great group of friends who were committed to finding him. We will forever be grateful for that."Our priority is to focus on Jimmy's health, and he gets stronger every day. He is also remembering more each day, and we are fully cooperating with the on-going police investigation."

CBS46.com will have more information as it becomes available.

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