Police respond to report four days later after women complain of assault

Source: WGCL

Tough questions for Atlanta police after two women said they were assaulted by a homeless man in midtown and no one responded to their call for help.

Kaley Webb and her friend Sacha Rady feared for their safety while walking home from dinner around 9:30 last week.

"The drive-thru gate was open, so we ran into that gate," said Sacha. "This is our apartment building."

A homeless man grabbed them on the sidewalk near the W-Hotel in front of their apartment on 14th Street in midtown Atlanta. They managed to get away and run inside their apartment building to call 911.

"I didn’t know what he was trying to do," said Sacha. "I was scared, but I was more scared of not knowing what was happening."

"Also this man is very clearly mentally deranged and so he may not be a threat, but next time he could have a knife," said Kaley. "I mean you just never know."

After about an hour and no sign of the police, they called back and said no one ever showed up to make sure they were okay and to document the incident.

"She let us know there were several other higher priority cases that night and they wouldn’t be able to have a car out to us for a while," said Kaley.

"The fact that we called the cops and had to call five times before we were able to give a statement was probably maybe even worse that what actually happened and makes you lose faith in what they can do in situations like that," said Sacha.

Atlanta Police eventually sent someone out four days later to write a report, but by no means does it give these women any comfort.

"I also told the leasing office manager Kelsey and she said that she’s reached out to the police before about similar matters and had her issues under the rug. Dismissed," said Sacha.

CBS46 questioned Atlanta Police about the delayed response and they said they were looking into the handling of the incident and were not prepared to talk about it at this time.

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