DECATUR, Ga. A man is wanted by Decatur Police for entering Carl G. Renfroe Middle School by slipping past secured doors behind a parent.

"I've buzzed in before and it's possible someone could come in right behind me if they had nefarious intentions," said a parent.

An email sent to parents told them the unidentified male walked into the school at 1:25pm, walked down a hallway before entering a student bathroom.

According to the school the male was only in the bathroom for one minute before leaving it and being noticed by a teacher who followed him as he exited the school.

School authorities were notified straight away and began sweeping the surrounding area for the man, without luck.

Parents say this type of situation has never happened before describing the school as safe but feeling very unsettled by the news.

"They should definitely investigate this incidence yesterday," said one parent whose kid has been at the school for several years.

"Well from the school’s perspective I would like to see them be a little more proactive. I guess with paying a little closer attention to who is getting inside," said a parent picking up their child.

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