ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- One week after Rayshard Brooks got into a scuffle with police and was gunned down by an officer in a Wendy’s parking lot, racial tension surrounding the fast food restaurant on University Avenue is at an all-time high.

Atlanta Police warned CBS46 and other news outlets that there is a group of armed people surrounding the Wendy’s and they are forcing white people out.

Video posted to social media over the weekend shows a crowd of people surrounding a police officer near the Wendy’s telling him to get out of the area.

“Go home. He looks like you. No white cops,” a person told police.

“Get your white face out of here,” another person told police.

CBS46 was advised not to send white reporters and photographers to the area.

“It’s not safe for no white people out here,” a person told police.

It’s abundantly clear that law enforcement is having a difficult time keeping order in the area.

It is presumed that the group is upset with police over the shooting of Brooks and quite possibly another incident where someone allegedly shot at protesters and police did nothing.

CBS46 contacted Atlanta Police multiple times Monday to find out what the current situation is at the Wendy's. We were told they were reviewing our request, but they did not provide any more information.

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Additionally, for those who would ask, no, we are not all white. Two blacks and four Korean-Americans have agreed to carry signs, arm, and counter-protest across from the Wendy's soon. We expect it to be civil and peaceful.


I have been in contact with a number of my brothers and sisters in the Georgia State Militia, and we are preparing to mount a counter-protest across the street. We will bring signs, and yes, we will be legally armed. This counter-protest to allow safe passage through this area for everyone will dramatically outnumber the current number of poorly-trained, gun-toting racists which have occupied this site and who even intimidate even the police. CBS46, watch for us. We'll keep your reporters safe, as well.

Gunga A

Come on Mayor, give them what they want. no interaction with white police officers. White officers are assigned to duty at the precinct, courthouse and jail. Never enter the hood. Black officers respond to calls in black neighborhoods. I'm sure there will be no altercations, no crime, no murders and no shootings.


How about enforcing the law and restoring law and order. What a concept. Do we want to become the Detroit of the South? Law enforcement, do your job.

Gunga A

There isn't a problem with Detroit. If there was it would have been handled by the mayor or local authorities. It is just the way things are? A way of life, the original survivor show. Can't you tell i'm bored and sarcastic.

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