Hunter Moats

The son of Polk County Sheriff Johnny Moats found himself on the wrong side of the law when he was arrested for possession of drugs.

On September 27, Hunter Moats residence was searched by Cobb County law enforcement. Inside the home, located in the 2700 block of Northgate Way in Acworth, officials found multiple vacuum sealed bags and postal service boxes containing marijuana, $1,255 in cash, cannabis oil and cocaine.

Moats also gave MCS agents access to his personal cell phone where text messages confirmed he was distributing marijuana for profit. He also stated his roommates were participants in the illegal selling of drugs from the residence.

He faces three charges: possession of cocaine, possession of schedule I controlled substance and possession of marijuana with the intent to sell.

His father, Sheriff Johnny Moats, released the following statement via Facebook on Sunday evening:

"I would like to reach out to all of my citizens today and let you all know this past week has been the hardest week of my life. The terrible drug crisis has affected my family just like it has so many families across our country.

My son, age 19, who attended college and lived away from home and away from our supervision, has fallen prey to the drug epidemic. Marijuana is rampant in the college life and my son fell victim to it. He was arrested last week along with his two roommates because of this drug that these young college kids seem to think is not really a drug. It is legal in many states and therefore they think it's not bad. This is a lie!! This is a drug and my son has always been taught marijuana is a drug and not to smoke it.

When your children leave your home and head off to college please talk to them about how this so called innocent drug can destroy their lives. Talking to your children is good, but it's not enough. You need to go to where they are living as much as you can to make sure what they are doing. This is where I dropped the ball with my son. I was so focused on my job and helping my citizens. I failed to check on him in jail overnight because I wanted him to see the reality of jail and where his life could be headed. I truly believe God saved my son's life. Please pray for my son and my family."

In his own Facebook post, Hunter acknowledged he was not proud of his actions.

"It was MY poor choices, not my families and not my friends. I fell into a hole that was so deep that I could not dig myself out of and I am merely ashamed of the way I was acting. I just want everyone to know that I have found God but please continue to pray for me and most importantly my family."

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