ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- Caught in act, a guy hitting a number of houses, stealing packages all while wearing a pizza delivery outfit.

On Halloween he was caught on a doorbell camera on Defoors Ferry Road wearing a pizza delivery outfit complete with a pizza insulated food bag, but he wasn't delivering anything.

"I was upstairs in the house and I heard the lady come,” said mother of two Laura LaHiff. “And then less than an hour later it got stolen off the front steps by a fake pizza guy."

The thief managed to hit multiple houses in northwest Atlanta over the last month. 

"You know, I realized this is someone doing this frequently. This is somebody who's taken the time to work out a rouse or a foil, and that he's probably going throughout the neighborhood perfecting his routine just in time for the holidays, and all the packages that are going to be delivered just in time for Christmas time," said Laura.

This pizza package thief isn't the only one using a disguise. A thief in East Atlanta wore the same clothes as a utility worker and helped himself to items on a front porch. Experts say there are ways to identify who's at your front door.

"Make sure that they have identification and that it says who they are and make sure you peek to see if the vehicle's out there. If there is any question, contact the company and verify that they are who they say they are," said security expert Steve Kardian.

CBS46 looked into the particular bag the pizza thief had and found you can actually buy the same ones on the internet to make your look all that more believable.

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