Postal inspectors arrive to examine, correct Atlanta's late mail delivery

Mail delivery after dark in Doraville (WGCL)

Every night for the past week, CBS46 randomly checked a different zip code, and in each neighborhood we observed, we saw the same thing: postal employees are working well into the night, delivering your mail after dark.

It's a lose-lose-lose situation, because it's dangerous for them, you're getting mail late and it costs the post office extra money for overtime.

CBS46 tracked down Eric Sloan, president of Atlanta's letter carrier union.

"The letter carriers say they're tired of working the long hours, the customers are fed up with getting their mail late," said Sloan.

Sloan said most of the post offices in the city are operating understaffed.

On Tuesday, a USPS spokesperson sent this statement, admitting for the first time that a problem exists which needs to be corrected:“We take customers’ concerns seriously. As such, the Postal Service has already taken some steps to address their concerns, including sending a team to Atlanta for the sole purpose of identifying and correcting errant processes to maintain the service our customers expect. The team is also meeting with metro supervisors, providing training where needed, and has made adjustments to some carrier schedules to improve efficiencies. In addition, the Postal Service also is reviewing and implementing changes concerning the transfer of city carrier assistants from location to location to improve service."Many mail customers we spoke with Tuesday night are optimistic the USPS will deliver on its promise to end late mail deliveries. But through the course of our investigation, we've spoken with anonymous post office insiders who say the same issues are occurring nationwide, and nothing short of a drastic change will fix the problem.

Coincidentally, the USPS announced its fiscal year 2017 results, which describe an 11th straight year of operating at a loss.

Officials at the post office headquarters in Washington, D.C. want people to call this number: 800-ASK-USPS , to report late deliveries in their neighborhood.

They say it will help them keep track of and document what's going on in Atlanta.

Make sure you have some time set aside for the call, because when we tried the number, it took 52 minutes of waiting on hold to reach someone. Say the option "carrier" in the voice prompts to be connected to the department for late mail complaints.

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