ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- With a month to go before Election Day, the Trump train came to screeching halt Friday after the President and First Lady tested positive for the Coronavirus. 

It took most by surprise, including Democratic Strategist Vincent Fort.

"He’s been talking about how we’ve turned the corner and even recently said that the Coronavirus was just going to disappear. If it wasn’t so serious, it would be laughable," Fort said.

Fort pointed out the President's pitfalls in dealing with the pandemic, which he believes will hurt him politically; but he did recognize that sympathy could lead to an initial bump in the polls.

"In England when Boris Johnson got the Coronavirus initially; he got a bounce or increase in approval," Fort said.

Whether this president will receive the same sympathy is unclear. What is clear is he will off the campaign trail for at least two weeks, and that doesn't bode well with Republican Strategist Brian Robinson.

"Hopefully the President will be able to rebound in the latter part of October, but yeah he’s going to be on the sidelines for a while and this close to an election it’s going to have an impact," Robinson said.

Robinson believes the President will find other creative ways to keep his base engaged as long as he feels up to it.

"Let us not forget, Joe Biden has hardly left his house over these months and he’s managed to campaign," Robinson added. "The President will be able to do the same thing. He’s still going to be able to speak directly to voters through video by never even leaving the White House."

This could also impact the next presidential debate scheduled for Thursday, October 15.

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