Warrior Farms

As we pause to celebrate Veterans Day, we are reminded of the difficulties those who served our country experience after their deployment and return home.

For Tim Doherty it’s a battle he deals with every day.

“It’s hard, I left one way didn’t come home the same and you can’t necessarily do the same job anymore” added Doherty.

Doherty says in 2016 when he returned from Afghanistan his life was turned upside down and he had very little help.

"When we look for support the only people that understands us is other veterans. The VA doesn’t necessarily help us and others.... When you say you have cancer everyone is empathetic and they understand that if you were to say you have PTSD people might take two steps backward and look at you side ways.”

As he searched for answers, Doherty began raising bees. He says that’s when he discover the healing benefits of farming. And, he is not alone, Chris Dorsey from Warrior Farms has been using a similar coping mechanism.

“In 2015 after some negative contact with the VA I decided to explore the avenue of agriculture and how it helps veterans”.

Dorsey opened Warrior Farms, the first veterans healing farm in the state. They raise turkeys, ducks, rabbits, and bees, as well as plant a verify crops.

“What were looking for as veterans in the civilian world is that trust and that bond and having a purpose so when guys come out here and they’re around other veterans we just feed off each other” added Dorsey .

He says it not only creates camaraderie but gives vets a sense of purpose. Benefits Doherty says is better than the alternatives. Quite often when you go to the VA your speaking To someone who’s not a veteran they’ve never experienced what you’ve experienced and their solution is quite frequently medication.

And that medication may give you temporary relief but it doesn’t give you lasting relief it doesn’t replace the composers of the brotherhood it doesn’t give you a purpose so her keeping and farming it gives you that purpose “

Warrior farms is accepting donations and volunteers for more information go Warrior Farms or Doc's Healing Hives and Honey.

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