ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- Peachtree Charter Middle School is said to be a high-performing STEM school, but based on five-page grievance written by teachers and staff the school may actually be in crisis.

“Fifity-one teachers and support staff left last year. A lot of those people left because Peachtree ran them out,“ said a whistleblower. CBS46 agreed to hide the identity of this whistleblower who says they could no longer stay silent and watch one of the districts top rated schools and STEM programs go up in flames.

“Two years after the STEM coordinator was removed there is no real STEM there. No longer the High Achiever program going on and they just have the students mixed”, added the whistleblower, who went on to say that means some teachers have classes with students who are at different learning levels. As a result, the teachers struggle to keep everyone on the same page. 

“Where are the supplies for STEM this year? They haven’t even been ordered. So students have paid hundreds of dollars there’s probably thousands of dollars in Stem and none of that has been spent.”

In addition, a five-page grievance listing several other complaints was submitted to the charter schools governing board. Complaints include teachers being forced to work without pay and teachers being told that they work in a dictatorship not a democracy. Teachers say all the concerns started when Dr. Davis was appointed as the school new principal, according to the whistle blower.

In response to the concerns, the DeKalb school district sent us the following statement:

"Thirty-three employees left the school after the 2018-2019 school year and there are no employees that left this year. However, these numbers are not a new trend. All departures were not necessarily related to leadership. The reasons listed include moving, personal reasons, certification problems, retiring, going to another school district, financial reasons, spouse transfer, and illness.

Concerning possible charter violations, each year a new chair and vice-chair are elected and review the governance matrix with the local school, district, and state officials to determine the next steps in moving forward.

The district has been responsive to facilities, instructional support, and leadership coaching. The district has also conducted several walkthroughs, which resulted in repairs to the facilities and informed instructional next steps."

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