Atlanta, GA (CBS46) -- Atlanta Police say investigators have identified the man they believe is in the Opera nightclub video that appears to show a sexual assault victim on the dance floor of Opera nightclub early Sunday morning.

Police tell CBS46 they have been in contact with the man, but are not releasing his name at this time.

Opera Club protest

Hours before the update from police, a group of about 15 men and woman in front steps of Opera night club protesting against sexual assault. The demonstrators, repeated the victim’s name while chanting, “if you rape one, you rape us all” and “I am our sister’s keeper.”

The protest which will take place Wednesday afternoon as well is being organized by women's right's advocate Sabrina Peterson, the founder of the women's empowerment group, "Glam University.

The outcry comes as a disturbingly graphic video of an alleged sexual assault circulates across the internet. The video, recorded on Facebook Live from the victim's account begins with a woman enjoying a party at Opera nightclub Saturday night.

She is seen dancing with one unidentified man throughout the night. The live videos later appear to show the woman on the floor in distress inside the midtown club. Says she was drugged and sexually assaulted while being recorded on the dance floor of Opera. CBS46 is not identifying the alleged sexual assault victim.

The backlash for Opera has been fierce. International DJ and producer Zedd announced on Twitter Tuesday morning that he is canceling his performance at Opera on Super Bowl weekend.

Party promoter and radio host Su Solo has been promoting Atlanta event in clubs all over the city for more than ten years, working her way up the ranks in Atlanta’s nightlife scene.

A sexual assault survivor, Solo says she spent a day crying after watching the video of the alleged assault.

“I was sick to my stomach,” Solo told CBS46’s Hayley Mason. “I literally could not even get myself to watch the entire thing…I couldn’t breathe. I needed to talk.”

She went on social media calling for accountability across the board in keeping women safe in club settings.

“I just don’t understand when we got to a point when ‘no’ isn’t enough,” Solo said to CBS46. “Even on camera. Even on camera you’re bold enough to be on film. This is a bold time for predators, but I also think that the culture is shifting. I think women have become way more independent than we were before.”

Putting her frustration into action, she organized a forum Monday night at The Gathering Spot in Atlanta inviting out club promoters, DJ’s, security and staff to discuss accountability.

“It’s still killing me now just thinking about it, and so I felt if it was heavy to me I knew that other people were going to feel it too,” Solo said. “I wanted to talk about it and we had a great discussion.”

Social media advocates, celebrities, influencers, and everyday citizens have led the charge to demand justice for the young woman from St. Louis, Missouri. Police say the woman in the video is no longer in the state of Georgia, but has been in contact with the Atlanta Police Department’s special victim’s unit.

Solo said she has received support and feedback as well from other entertainment professionals who are disturbed by what they saw. She is challenging them to do more and speak out when something is wrong.

“I don’t expect everyone to be comfortable putting things on social media, but I do expect you to start showing compassion around you,” Solo said. “I do expect you to start talking to your security guards and letting them know it’s important to search every single person. I do expect them to talk to their DJ’s and letting the DJ’s know if you see something suspicious report it to us. I do expect it to be a community and a family effort.”

Tuesday afternoon, Opera nightclub responded to CBS46’s request for comment.

The venue has retained attorney Bryan Knight who said in an email Tuesday, “The safety of all our guests will always be our primary concern. We are continuing to work with the Atlanta Police Department's ongoing investigation and have provided video footage of the evening as they ascertain the facts surrounding this matter. “

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