Proposal to label DACA recipient's driver's licenses getting mixed reviews

Source: WGCL

A bill shot down two years ago that would have forced DACA recipients in Georgia to have a label on their state-issued driver's licenses is now again being proposed in the state.

It's like a punch in the stomach for 24 year-old Raymond Partolan, who fought hard against the bill when it was introduced. Partolan fought and even testified against the bill in the state senate.

"It makes me feel demonized, like I don't deserve to be in the only place I've ever called home," says Partolan.

The bill would force Georgia's DACA recipients, those who were brought to the state illegally as children, to have a label on their state-issued driver's licenses. Partolan says the distinction reminds him of the gold star that Jewish people were forced to wear in Nazi-controlled Germany.

"There is no purpose for the bill other than it being part of what I believe to be a white supremacist agenda," continued Partolan.

But Georgia Senator Josh McKoon disagrees.

"I think what you have to do if you want to protect the integrity of your voting process, if you want to provide for public safety issues, I think it's very important to make that distinction," says McKoon. "I think that comparison is absurd. I mean, I think if you're in the country without lawful status, you should not be extended driving privileges at all."

That's why McKoon describes the measure as a very fair compromise. He says it allows DACA recipients to drive state roadways legally but also provides necessary restrictions.

McKoon says the potential for abuse or danger is too great. But Partolan, who works as a paralegal at an immigration law firm, sees the bill as "unAmerican."

The bill was just introduced in the state senate and is now waiting to be heard in a committee.

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