PTSD Foundation of America opens Atlanta Chapter

Source: WGCL

The PTSD Foundation of America officially launched its Atlanta Chapter Tuesday, and it has already helped 26 people from Georgia who suffer from PTSD.

Chris McCrary is one of the veterans from Georgia saved by the PTSD Foundation of America. McCrary found himself suicidal years after leaving the military.

"I was sitting at work one day and said, 'I had enough.' Cause I was on the brink of death at that point. Something bad was going to happen," McCrary said.

He reached out to the foundation. Days later McCrary was flown to Houston where he spent three months at the PTSD Foundation of America's program called Camp Hope.

"I was there, at suicide. I had the rifle. I had it loaded. I opened the window and was sitting on the second floor ready to blow my brains out," Roger Marshall Jr. said.

Marshall also went through Camp Hope. The program, based in Houston can last anywhere from 3 to 6 months and it helps vets with severe PTSD along with their family members heal.

Now, Marshall is leading the foundation's Atlanta Chapter. He says they're working to get the word out and that they're here to help metro Atlanta combat veterans.

"If I know that a veteran is suffering from combat related trauma. Literally I will go get my veteran. I have a great team of support and I don't care where he's at in the Atlanta area, you call me. I will go get my brother," Marshall said.

The foundation has a crisis hotline. That number is 1-800-273-TALK. For more information on the Atlanta chapter, click here.

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