PTSD support dog still missing a month later

Source: WGCL

A metro Atlanta army vet is desperately searching for her PTSD support dog. The dog went missing over a month ago.

Daphney Harden lives down the street from here. After getting little response, she took down signs searching for her veteran support dog Onyx last week. Harden believes someone stole the six pound Pomeranian Poodle.

Harden says Onyx went missing May 29 after he snuck out the front door while her son was taking out the garbage. For 11 years, Onyx helped Harden cope with her PTSD.

Harden served in the U.S. Army during Desert Storm. She was sexually assaulted in the military. Harden says if it hadn't been for Onyx, she wouldn't have survived the past decade.

"Onyx has just helped calm me with it. I have not been suicidal since I got him. A lot of people had been trying to give me another dog since he went missing but he's my child and you can't just replace your child," said Daphney Harden.

Harden says Onyx would never run away and not come back. She believes someone may have seen him on the street and taken him.

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