JACKSON COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) -- Tensions in the town of Hoschton have still been running high after the only black candidate running for city council -- ends up running for his life when a car barrels straight toward him.

Hoschton has been under a cloud ever since Mayor Theresa Kenerly made remarks about the town 'not being ready' for a black administrator.

Another member of the Hoschton council, Jim Cleveland, becoming embroiled in the controversy for saying whites shouldn't marry blacks.

The November 5 elections showing change is coming.

"Hoschton needs more accountability, more transparency, we lack both of those, we lack accountability," said Hoschtonite Shantwon Astin .

Shantwon is running for council and has been a vocal opponent of the mayor from the start.

"You should do the right thing and resign, because you've misrepresented the people, you've tarnished the city of Hoschton's name," said Shantwon

The tension in the town still being felt.

Only 2 weeks ago Shantwon was the victim of a hit-and-run.

He said the car accelerated to hit him.

"I felt it was intentional. I personally feel the motivation could have been there with everything that is going on in the city and I wouldn't rule it out."

Hoschtonites have been crying out for diversity and change on the council.

Results show the city will now have a black council member with Shantwon receiving 233 votes to earn a seat.

The city is still waiting on a re-call vote of the Mayor's seat, as Mayor Kenerly has filled an appeal against the re-call with the Georgia Supreme Court.

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