DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) -- A disturbing racist video has been posted all over social media.

It shows a Decatur high school student waving what appears to be a gun while talking about killing black people, calling them the N-word.

You can hear him say, “This is how I Kill N*****S”.

The clip has made its way into the hands of Decatur police criminal investigators and the city of Decatur schools is also looking into it. In fact, superintendent David Dude posted about the incident on Facebook, calling the statements unacceptable.

He wrote in part:

“What is the excuse going to be this time? He didn’t know he was being filmed? He didn’t know someone was going to post it? He was drunk? High? It happened a long time ago? The gun wasn’t real? I’m tired of excuses and i know so many in our community are as well.”

CBS46 discovered the superintendent works in the same school system as the student’s mother who is an administrator.

We also confirmed the student’s uncle is Georgia’s Supreme Court Presiding Justice David Nahmis.

He sent CBS46 this statement:

"I learned late last night about the disgusting video that my nephew made last year when he was 14 years old. Like the rest of my family, I was embarrassed and saddened by it. It is simply awful and inexcusable, and it does not reflect my family’s values or what we have tried to teach our children about the importance of treating all people with respect and dignity. I love my nephew, and this seems so out of character for him. I do not intend to comment further in a public way about this matter."

Co-chair of the Beacon Hill Alliance for Human Rights, Mawuli Davis said this isn’t the first time Decatur high school students have posted racist videos online.

“Four weeks ago, we had another set of videos that contained Decatur high school students using racial slurs,” said Davis.

Friday morning, Davis and members of the activist group will meet at city hall demanding a meeting with the mayor, police chief and superintendent to discuss what he calls ‘ a rash of racially motivated incidents.’

A city schools spokesperson said appropriate action will be taken when the investigation is over.

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