Despite no proof of statewide fraud, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced investigations into third-party voter registration groups, including the New Georgia Project.

The organization was founded by Stacey Abrams in 2014 before she ran for governor against Brian Kemp. Raffensperger claims the organization tried to register his son who died in 2018.

“Here’s something that came to my house yesterday, we got three of them, all from the same organization and it’s to my son Brenton J. Raffensperger who passed away two years ago,” said Raffensperger as he held up mailers sent to his deceased son.

Raffensperger says the postcards encouraging a dead person to vote is proof that third-party voter registration organizations are promoting illegal voting. And, as a result he has launched investigations into several nonprofits.

“We’ve had additional information coming in regarding the tactics from these groups including The New Georgia Project sending five voter registrations to the same dead person, and sending applications to an eligible voters,” added Raffensperger.

“It’s nonsense, it ridiculous,” said Nse Ufot the CEO of the New Georgia Project. “Sending out postcards reminding people to vote, reminding people that there is an election is not nefarious,” added Ufot. She adds that the investigations into her and other voter registration organization is just another way to discredit the election results and pass blame for republican losses.

“We’ve seen the bullying that they’ve been subjected to by their national party. We’ve seen how the President of the United States has been beating up on Raffensperger and his staffers, and I’m sorry, and it sucks but it’s not justification for beating up on civil rights organizations and nonsense investigations into the very good, very important work that we’re doing,” said Ufot.

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