COBB COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) Cobb County parents are complaining about lack of resources, overcrowding, and filthy sanitation issues throughout the district.

Parents, teachers and faculty members in the district went before the school board on Thursday and told district officials that they are fed up.

Parents at one school in particular reached out to CBS 46's Brittany Edney and asked her to investigate. These are some of the pictures parents and students gave us of those conditions.

From rats, rat feces, coach roaches and brown water-- the photos reveal what conditions are like at the school's concession area, according to parents.

Another issue a 9th grader revealed is the condition of restrooms. She says there are not any lucks on the stall doors and there are very large gaps under each stall door so other students can see underneath.

Multiple parents said there is never enough toilet paper and students constantly have to go without or use paper towels. They said sometimes, both are unavailable because they are never replenished in a timely manner.

Brandell Allison, a parent of a student at South Cobb High School, says she has gone to school and district officials about the conditions for months but nothing is ever done.

She says school officials need to be held accountable. "If you feel like the conditions of our childrens' schools is acceptable then you don't need to be in your position," said Allison. "We need to have people that can stand and make sure our children are being taken care of. All schools in our county should look alike and they don't."

A Cobb County School District Spokesperson released the following statement:

“While maintaining 114 schools, many like South Cobb which are over 50 years old, the District is committed to the highest standards. These pictures don’t meet that standard. Our custodial and maintenance staff will verify these pictures and, if true, fix what can be fixed as soon as is possible.”

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