Real cricket tacos now served at Philips Arena concession stands

A cricket taco (WGCL)

Philips Arena is trying something new this year.

Adventurous fans attending the Hawks season opener got the first opportunity to taste a new item being served at concession stands.

In addition to the regular fare, now tacos made with crickets are on the menu.

Apparently, the crickets did really well this summer at Seattle Mariners' games, so the Hawks are giving them a try in Atlanta.

One man tried the six-legged snack in front of our cameras and he described them as "savory like sunflower seeds and crispy like chips."

Aspire Food Group is the company that grows the crickets in Austin, Texas. They say crickets are healthy, high in protein, and an ecologically sustainable food.

Right now, they're only being sold in one place called the Taqueria near section 116.

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