Remaining Old Town Villa residents scrambling after units left without heat

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The sign out front says luxury apartments, but Old Town Villa in College Park is anything but.

Trash is scattered throughout the complex and most units have broken windows; some have sewage problems. It’s why the apartment complex was condemned in November.

“They’re packed with roaches, nothing works, my window has been boarded up since I moved in,” said resident Tandra Funches.

On November 28, residents said they woke up to notices posted to their windows telling them they had to be out by December 31. Management relocated some families to sister properties, but not all.

Fifteen families still live in the condemned units which are now without heat.

College Park City Council member Tracy Wyatt said those families didn’t qualify to move to another property.

“Obviously, like any business, you have to qualify,” he said. “If you live here and you’ve got 10 police reports where the police have been called, you’ve been smoking dope or doing illegal things, or we do a background check on you and you got child molestation offenses, nobody is going to move you in those apartments.”

Wyatt said 90 percent of those left behind have a criminal history or poor credit. We asked about the tight deadline, giving residents just over 30 days to relocate.

“They have been given proper notice, and not only that, they have been told that for the month of December they didn’t have to pay rent,” he said. “They can use that money for moving expenses.”

Management is providing a moving truck free of charge, but not everyone is prepared to move right now.

Funches said she has an eviction and a criminal history. She worries about where she’ll take her five kids.

“You have to save money, you have to try to get the money,” she said. “Everywhere that I’m calling, they want two to three times the rent, and most of the places are not going to work with the eviction that’s on my credit.”

Tenants were given an extension late Tuesday afternoon, being allowed to stay in the units until late January.

We will continue to follow the story.

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