“She left on November 3rd, 1993, I won’t ever forget that date.”

It was the day 40-year-old Kara Vaughn vanished without a trace from Natchitoches Louisiana. On Monday, her sister Lyn got a call from an unknown number.

“It was Sheriff Wright, the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff and he said ‘Lyn I hate to tell you like this, but I think we found Kara.

Lyn Vaughn may look familiar to you. She anchored CNN Headline News from 1984 to 1998 and was also a contributor for CBS46.

Her rise to the top sadly coincided with the unexpected disappearance of her sister.

“We just thought she was making a run and would come back and so all these years we have searched and searched and searched,” she told reporter Ashley Thompson.

No leads went anywhere. But in January, fishermen spotted a car in Louisiana’s Cane River. Winter weather would soon follow, and the search was briefly paused.

On Monday, divers pulled a 1978 Honda Civic out of the water, along with remains. It was the same car Kara drove. Officials said her work ID was in the car.

The two sisters grew up next to the Cane River. Their mother died in 2012 without ever knowing what happened to Kara. Over the years, Lyn tried her best to make peace with her sister's disappearance.

“Just recently though, Ashley, I will tell you that I prayed. I asked God to let me know something before I went so that somebody in the family would know. And so, this is the answer to my prayer.”


Although a heartbreaking end to a 27-year-long search, Lyn said she’s happy for some closure and that her mother and sister are reunited.

“I have a big huge hole in my heart but at the same time I am so grateful to have solved the mystery of my sister’s disappearance,” she said.

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