A four foot wide underground pipe broke near Buford Highway in Doraville, spilling about 100 million gallons of water but after days of repairs, the work is now complete.

It happened just north of where Buford Highway passes under the perimeter.

ATTN: The 48-inch broken water main pipe has been replaced 24 hours ahead of the original schedule. Until officially notified by DeKalb County, customers should continue to boil all water prior to use for drinking, cooking, or preparing baby food.— DeKalb County, GA (@ItsInDeKalb) March 9, 2018

DeKalb's watershed management director believes the drinking water transmission line's break was ultimately caused by a nearby storm sewer line that was leaking water. Over time, it eroded the earth around the transmission line, and with no support underneath, the pipe broke under its own weight.

By late Wednesday, water pressure was restored to everyone who lost it. Photos from the scene

Boil and conserve water notice until Saturday

Residents in the affected area are being asked to boil water for at least one minute after water comes to a rolling boil prior to drinking, cooking or preparing baby food. The advisory will remain in effect until at least Saturday.

DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond released this statement regarding the boil water advisory in effect for residents in the county:

"A large diameter water main break is causing water pressure in parts of the water system to drop to dangerously low levels. When this occurs a potential health hazard may exist in these areas of zero pressure from backflow and/or back-siphonage of water of unknown quality into the water distribution system.

DeKalb County Department of Watershed Management, in an abundance of caution, is issuing a Boil Water Advisory for the entire system. In order to protect the public from a potential health hazard, all customers that have experienced water outages and/or low water pressures are advised to “boil” all water prior to use for drinking, cooking, or preparing baby food. The water should be boiled for at least one minute after reaching a rolling boil. Customers should continue to boil their water until they are notified that the water system has been restored to full operation, and that the microbiological quality of the water in the distribution system is safe for human consumption."

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