CBS46 is investigating the state's bridge and road safety.

A new report examines road and bridge conditions, traffic safety, and transportation funding needs in Georgia.

TRIP, a national transportation research nonprofit, released reports Monday and explained how Georgia has a long way to go in terms of keeping people safe through improvements.

“Overall, the report finds that across the state, 22% of county-maintained roads are in poor condition, and an additional 33% are in fair condition,” said Rocky Moretti, the Director of Policy & Research for TRIP.

The report included a list of what they considered the most deficient bridges in the Atlanta area. Two you might recognize that made the list are the old bridge at Howell Mill and Peachtree Battle in Fulton County and a Dekalb County bridge on Mercer University Drive over Peachtree Creek, built in 1967.  

“The report also found that 10% of bridges in Georgia are deficient, either because they’re structurally deficient, these are bridges in need of immediate repair, or they’re unable to carry large commercial vehicles,” Moretti added.

Moretti said yearly in Georgia, $843 billion in goods are being shipped across the state mostly via trucks, and with so many of the bridges unable to handle the weight of those trucks, it can affect long term productivity.

“That is going to be an impediment to the state’s economic growth and further development,” Moretti said.

But the Georgia State House Transportation Committee said plans are in the works to make positive changes.

“Over the next month or so we expect to deliver to the General Assembly and the public, specific recommendations about how to move and increase the ability for us to move freight in and out of the state of Georgia,” said Representative Kevin Tanner, Chairman of the Georgia State House Transportation Committee.

The Executive Director of Georgia Transportation Alliance says if they want to continue moving people safely around the state, changes are in order.

“We’ve been working and traveling around the state for the last two years, it’s clear to us, that although we’ve done a lot, and moved the needle, there’s a lot more that must be done if we want to continue to be the best place to do business,” said Seth Millican, the Executive Director of Georgia Transportation Alliance.

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