Report documents human rights violations at the Atlanta Detention Center

Source: WGCL

A metro Atlanta non-profit has released a scathing report about the Atlanta Detention Center. The 106-page report documents multiple human rights violations.

Priyanka Bhatt is with non-profit Project South. The organization says they have been investigating conditions and treatment inside the Atlanta City Detention Center.

“We interviewed 38 detainee immigrants, immigration attorneys, and we toured the faculty over the last year, and what we found were really awful human rights violations," said Bhatt.

And much of the concerns are documented in a report, which details issues like lack of medical and mental health care.

"There are detained immigrants that tell us they will put in a request to see a doctor over and over and still not see anyone for up to a month,“ said Bhatt.

And that's just the beginning.

“We’ve had people tell us they didn’t receive necessary medication. One man with HIV told us they did not have the medication for a month,” said Bhatt.

Johnitha McNair is an auditor at the Department of Justice. She recently completed an evaluation at the facility and says the allegations paint a completely different story of the facility, which is accredited by the American Correctional Association.

"I have a required set of standards that I must assess and ensure that there are no human rights violations," said McNair.

The ACDC also earned a perfect score of 100 on its Fulton County Department of Health and Wellness Inspection and meets detention facility standards for ICE detainees.

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