Residents complain about new rules regarding guests at complex

Source: WGCL

People who live in one Atlanta apartment complex say they feel like prisoners in their own homes. The new company that took over Allen Hills Apartments won't allow visitors.

Tonya Wwens is frustrated because she is having problems getting to work.

"My friend always takes me to work, they will not allow him, I have to walk to meet him he's not allowed on the property and I don't think that's fair," said Wwens.

Long time tenant Babby Smith has lived at these apartments for 14 years. Her blind sister is having issues getting on the property.

"My sister, she blind. Last Tuesday she came with Uber from dialysis, she had to get on them really bad cause they didn't want to let her through she told them she blind and couldn't walk through the gate," said Smith.

Michael Owens has come to these apartments the last 16 years to help out with his disabled niece.

"I've been told i cant come in so I had my niece right and later her mom was very upset because she is handicap she cant walk to me," said Owens.

Preservation partners are the new owners of the apartments. I went to the leasing office-to try to get answers for these residents; however, they declined to speak to me.

We will continue to stay on top of this story. Stay tuned to CBS46 for the latest developments.

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