Residents deal with aftermath of Coan Park party

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Residents in Kirkwood are still dealing with the aftermath of a back-to-school party held in Coan Park over the weekend.

“We didn't even know how big it was until my wife looked outside the door and was like 'oh my gosh, look outside'.”

Outside there was more than two thousand people gathering. According to police, the party was permitted for just a few hundred. Klyde Kim lives across from Coan Park and said chaos erupted when someone opened fire.

“We were in the back of the house and the dogs started barking,” he said. “I looked out the back porch and just saw probably 30 to 40 people going through my backyard.”

At least two homeowners had their electric gates broken by those running from the park. Kim said he doesn't hold anyone but the shooter responsible for what happened but other residents believe the city is partly to blame.

“I definitely find city parks responsible,” said Kirkwood resident Eric Garrison. “There needs to be a much better process in vetting these organizations and giving permits.”

Several people told CBS46 reporter Ashley Thompson they didn’t believe there was enough security at the party.

“We had some police officers come by but we didn't see any security there on the ground,” Garrison said.

Atlanta police said they were trying to break up the party when the shooting happened. CBS46 asked APD how many officers were at the party. We are still waiting to hear back.

CBS46 has also reached out to councilwoman Natalyn Archibong because some residents said they voiced their concerns to her before the party.

We’ve also put in an open records request with the City of Atlanta to find out who took out the permit for the party.

“We're definitely going to contact the city and we'll be following up with legal action,” said Garrison.

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