Residents fed up with road closure a year after flooding

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- Imagine the road you take home being shut down for ten months.

People who live in one Southwest Atlanta neighborhood have been taking detours since last Christmas.

“It flooded out back in December of last year, and it’s been closed ever since,” said Dontaye Philpot.

Heavy rain and rising water took over metro Atlanta in December of 2018. Boulder Park Drive – between Dollar Mill Road and Wilson Mill Road -- was closed due to a partial roadway collapse. Almost a year later, it remains closed. 

“Everyone’s just wondering what’s the hold up,” Dontaye Philpot told CBS46’s Melissa Stern. 

Dontaye Philpot lives a block away. He says this road closure is a huge inconvenience. 

“This is a busy road,” Philpot said. 

He’s also a MARTA bus driver and says people who ride his bus, including one disabled man, have been suffering.

“He has to walk all the way back up toward Dollar Mill, in order to catch the bus, when there’s a bus stop right in front of his house,” added Philpot.

Philpot has called the city, along with his neighbors. 

“Either you got no answer, or they gave us a date which was back in July. July has passed and the road is still closed,” said Philpot, “When are we going to get some answers on when the road will be open? We have a lot of people who live in this area who utilize this road.” 

So, CBSB46’s Melissa Stern reached out to the city. A spokesperson said emergency repairs did not include removing rocks clogging the waterway, compromising the underground infrastructure.

They discovered this later on, which meant a change in the project’s scope and caused a long delay. The Department of Watershed Management is also involved.

The roadway is now projected to reopen the first week in November.

“This is something that’s been going on for a while now, and now, all of a sudden, the city is now trying to do something about it,” Philpot added, “Yeah, it is funny.”

We’ll be following up to see when the road reopens.

A Department of Public Works spokesperson issued the following statement:

“When DPW initially began overseeing emergency repairs along Boulder Park Drive, the scope and extent of this project did not include the removal of granite rock, which was subsequently revealed during further excavation. 

The removal of this additional material triggered a change in the original project scope and extended the project’s timeframe. DPW is currently working with the Department of Watershed Management to complete the repairs. The roadway is projected to reopen the first week in November.

The Boulder Park Drive roadway collapse was due to debris that clogged the waterway, compromising the underground infrastructure.”

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