Residents fight to keep gas station from coming to their community


People living just off Jimmy Carter Boulevard walked CBS46's Vince Sims around the property proposed for a new QuikTrip Gas Station.

“The other concern we have is there are two other QuikTrips within a half mile of this location,” says Andrea Nelson. “There is one right there and there is one right there. But they are not their new big box type of store.”

People living here are concerned at just how close it will come to some homes.

“You see where her fence is well that’s where their fence is going all the way out to the street,” says Nelson.

CBS46 questioned QuikTrip about the proximity.

A spokesperson says they are offering to install a 6-foot privacy fence, 28 screening trees and 50-feet of buffer space away from the building which state law requires.

Marella Lloyd says she is heartbroken.

“This is going to ruin what we have and what we have built through the years.”

Nelson says “we are not an affluent neighborhood community so why are our only choices bad for us or worse for us?”

Although they feel they are fighting a losing battle, they are not giving up.

“One neighbor told me well this is Goliath this is very big. I said did you forget David is the one that won. We must pray.”

The planning commission meets Nov. 7 and could then make a recommendation to the Board of Commissioners that meet later in the month.

All concerned citizens are advised to attend the public hearings to make their voices heard and email concerns directly to the members.

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