CONYERS, Ga. (CBS46) - Every time it rains one part of the metro becomes a collection zone for nasty debris and trash.

The issue is in Rockdale County. The CBS46 News team watched debris flowing down Yellow River, finding its final destination up at Milstead Dam.

Fed up residents said they called several city and county officials to find out what can be done to clean it up, yet they are only getting the run around, so they reached out to CBS46 for help.

For eight generations, Jerry Moon and his family have lived off of Highway 20.

“We don’t know how to handle it. When people lease the dam we have no authority to tell them to clean it up,” said Moon, adding that he does not know who is responsible for the cleanup. 

Moon said the issue is only getting worse after a large tree fell into the river, causing debris to get caught, preventing it from going over the dam.

“Every year we have a flood and sometime the debris catches here at the dam and it stays for months,” said Moon.

We reached out to Rockdale County, Conyers, EPD and U.S. Army Corp of Engineers. They each denied responsibility, adding that there is nothing they can or will do about it.

Milstead Dam was privately owned by Mill Shoals Hydro Company, but is now the responsibility of North America Enel Green Power which is based in Massachusetts. In a statement released to CBS46, they had this to say:

“As the owner and operator of the Milstead Dam, Enel Green Power is committed to being a good, sustainable community partner. We proactively conduct regular clean up activities to help mitigate the presence of debris build up at our facility and support efforts to reduce the volume of trash that makes its way into the river. Often significant levels of precipitation can cause high water events and therefore, produce higher levels of debris that is swept downstream and ultimately collects at our facility. We will continue to work with local stakeholders along the river to support activities that reduce the amount of debris that enters the river, as well as maintain our regular clean up activities.”

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