ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- People at one apartment complex are living in fear. Just this year there have been several deadly incidents and nearly 200 9-1-1 calls from residents.

People living in the 500 apartment complex want more security measures to be put in place.

“I can truly say that the neighborhood is changed and definitely for the worst. It is more dangerous here than ever before,” A resident of the 500 apartment complex said.

A resident of the 500 apartment complex asked CBS46 News to hide his identity. He’s shaken up after Tuesday's homicide.

“There was a school bus that dropped children off about 40 kids off right in front of the corpse, so the kids got off the bus and the kids saw this Dead shot up body as they were walking to meet their mothers,” the man said.

CBS46 spoke to Atlanta police. They explained before Tuesday’s murder, another man was shot in the complex back in march. In may a collage student drowned during a massive memorial day pool party. This resident told CBS46 NEWS enough is enough. He wants to see high security measures put in place.

“There is a possibility defense this property in somewhat or make it a gated community… better camera and video footage equipment out here,” He explained.

CBS46 reached out a representative of the 500. She explained the complex hired on extra security patrol that will last until at least Wednesday night. That’s in addition to two onsite safety officer’s who live on the property. She adds the complex will continue to keep an eye on the situation moving forward.

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