ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- It’s every dog owners worse nightmare, a simple walk turned into a vicious attack.

“The two white dogs (Husky and Boxer) came from that garage off the leash attacked my wife and attacked my dog," said Sam Stone who's miniature schnauzer had it's leg torn open. "She ran over picked up the dog, cradled the dog so he wouldn’t get bit, she got some scratches on her.”

But the dogs weren’t finished.

“They ran back, attacked her again and took a big chunk out of the hind leg of the dog.”

Sam said his wife and 12-year-old Henry the schnauzer never stood a chance.

“Crying, shaking, blood was all down the front of her jacket from the attack. Completely upset, he’s like a child to us, he’s part of our family,” said Stone.

This isn’t the first time the dogs have terrorized the neighborhood, even going after children.

“We were in our garage unpacking boxes, her dog was unleashed and he came into our garage and tried to attack our son,” said Chiquita Smith who lives next door to the vicious dogs.

CBS46 reporter Jamie Kennedy found court records from 2017 which show this isn’t the first time these dogs and their owner have been in trouble.

The owners of the two dogs were home but did not answer the door. Phone calls to them also went unanswered.

Animal control cited the owner and a court date has been set for later this month.

Sam and his wife are considering litigation. More than anything, Sam and the other homeowners said they just want to feel safe when they walk outside.

“It’s very scary,” said Smith.

“Especially my wife, and I’m out of town, walking the dog I feel extremely unsafe about it,” said Stone.


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Obviously, the laws are not anywhere near strict enough. I hope the schnauzer's owners sue those idiots with the aggressive bully type dogs. They may end up saving someone's life. Those dogs could easily kill someone.

Auggie East

Obviously pit bulls although the pit bull lobby has made even journalists afraid to say so. Garbage dogs for garbage people.

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