ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- CBS46 dishes out the dirty details on failing restaurant health inspections every week, and over the fall, we encountered nasty violations and intense confrontations.

On this week's Restaurant Report Card, our Adam Murphy takes a look back at the best of the worst.

Just off Old National Highway in College Park, I had questions last month for a soul food spot with a failing health score. Big Daddy's Dish in Fulton County scored only 58 points and a 'U' for unsatisfactory back in November. 

The report says there was a heavy accumulation of old food debris in the restaurant. Plus, a mold-like substance was observed on walls in the main kitchen, and a leak from a fan in the cooler was dripping on food items.

Things weren't any better when we confronted Big Daddy.

"You're wrong for coming in here and doing this. You're wrong," said Big Daddy before Adam Murphy could even ask him about the violations. "God bless you for what you're doing right now. May God bless you. God is going to protect me for what you're doing wrong right now."

Adam reminded him that he was the one who scored a 58.

"I'm going to do better. Let me tell you something, I'm going to do better. I'm trying to train a brand new crew and you know what, you're wrong," responded Big Daddy.

After our visit, Big Daddy's Dish earned 90 points and an 'A' on a reinspection.

Moving right along, remember the photo showing a Gwinnett County restaurant employee cutting meat on the ground by the back door? It happened at New China on New Hope Road in Lawerenceville and prompted the health department to investigate.

Management at New China said the employee was preparing meat for his own consumption and he no longer works at the restaurant. Our investigation looked into the history of the restaurant. In February, they scored 61 points for having food at unsafe temperatures. Since then they've maintained A's, scoring a 100 in July.

Here's a flashback to a spot on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Atlanta where we uncovered some serious health violations just last month.

The Sleepy Potato scored only 59 points and a 'U' for unsatisfactory. The report says there was black residue found in a dirty pan. Plus, the cutting board was heavily soiled in the kitchen and there were roaches and rodents in the main kitchen area.

When we asked the owner, Mario Johnson, about his take on the rodent issue.

"Well a of times with it being a restaurant a lot of stuff is coming in. That's why I'm putting a pest control to come in. The come from the outside," explained Johnson.

He also told CBS46 that none of the pests were getting into food. Still, he sealed up holes and called the pest control company.

"Unfortunately this is a restaurant. It's an older building. It happens. So the only thing I can do is do corrective action to clean it back up."

The Sleepy Potato is still trying to wake up and get back on track. They have yet receive a reinspection.

That's all for this week, but don't forget you can watch the first run of Restaurant Report Card every Thursday night at 9 on PeachtreeTV and 11 on CBS46.

Remember to look for the Golden Spatula Award at your favorite restaurant, that means they scored a 100. Boy that's good!

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