ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- CBS46 dishes out the dirty details on failing restaurant health inspections every week, and during the past year, we've encountered nasty violations and intense confrontations.

So, on this week's Restaurant Report Card, our Adam Murphy takes a look back at the best of the worst.

It's not uncommon to get the cold shoulder when questioning a restaurant about a failing inspection, but on one particular occasion things got a little violent.

"You don't have to put the camera on nobody. You can get out of here with that. You all can go ahead," said a Denny's employee as our CBS46 crew was shoved out the door.

The Denny's on Panola Road in Lithonia scored 52 points and a 'U' for unsatisfactory in April of this year. The health inspector busted them for expired deli meat, flying insects and raw eggs on bacon and cheese.

"My son right here. If you film me with that f****** camera I'm going to knock your ass out, and I f****** promise you that. My f****** son right here, son," said an employee outside of 'America's dine.' "Don't do that s*** because I'll knock your ass out," she added as she swung at Adam and his photographer.

Adam quickly reminded the woman that what she was doing was considered assault, but it fell on deaf ears. "I don't give a f***. My son right here you b**** a** n****," responded the employee who didn't let a to-go tray of food get in the way of her verbal and physical assault.

If only the kitchen was as hot as the employees perhaps none of this would have happened. Since the crazy encounter, Denny's corrected most of their violations scoring 97 points on a reinspection.

Just last week another Lithonia restaurant scored the lowest score of the year and the worst in recent history.

Arizona's on Stonecrest Circle in DeKalb County scored only 21 points and a 'U' for unsatisfactory. The report says there was pinkish slime on the soda machine, plus there were a great number of flies and gnats in the restaurant. An employee even touched ready-to-eat food with their bare hands, and four coolers were not cooling properly.

No one was more surprised than Yolanda Aguayo who showed up for dinner and found out why they were closed.

"Oh my God," responded Yolanda when she learned of the score.

Since our visit, Arizona's scored a 91 points on a reinspection.

And who could forget about an encounter at a Sandy Springs pizza joint in August of last year.

Napoli Pizzeria on Hammond Drive in Fulton County failed a surprise inspection with only 49 points and a 'U' for unsatisfactory. The report said the restaurant was operating without a current food service permit. Plus, food was stored on the floor in the cooler, and there was cheese with mold-like growth on it.

"Adam you are not welcome over here," said an employee as she blew a kiss at the camera.

It wasn't exactly a kiss goodbye. Moments later the same employee came outside with more to say.

"Two things to tell you. Thank you for coming and I think you guys are fake news."

The only thing fake there was the accusation, and since our visit Napoli Pizzeria improved to 92 points and an 'A'.

Don't forget, you can watch the first run of the Restaurant Report Card every Friday night at 9 on PeachtreeTV and 11 on CBS46, and remember to look for the Golden Spatula Award in your favorite restaurant -- that means they scored a 100. Boy that's good!

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