A popular fast food restaurant had a big problem with flies in the kitchen.

On Wesley Chapel Road in Decatur, Checkers is known for its burgers, fries, Cola's and now a failing health inspection. They scored 55 points and a U for unsatisfactory.

The report said sliced cheese, lettuce and cream cheese were out of temperature range. Plus, the inspector said an employee moved a box on the floor, then touched food lids without changing gloves. And there were flies seen throughout the kitchen with one spotted walking on cut onions that were being used.

When I asked employees about the fly problem, one said, "Don't talk to him." I also questioned them about telling people they got an 84, despite getting a score of 55.

Management refused to answer our questions and was not happy about our surprise visit. An employee even called the police on us. Moments later, a DeKalb County officer arrived on scene and didn't see a problem.

"At this point, they are advising you they don't want you on the property, and I told them, as long as you're on the sidewalk, it's fine, fair game," explained the officer.

Other scores

Here are some restaurants who received good scores: Cracker Barrel on Celebration Drive in Suwanee got a 92. IHOP on Highway 138 in Riverdale got a 96. Firehouse Subs on Dallas Highway in Marietta got a 97.

Golden Spatula Award

We found the perfect Mexican restaurant to tell you about, which is Los Rancheros on Dunwoody Club Drive in Dunwoody.

They have been here for nearly 25 years. It's family run and operated, and everything is made from scratch!

Los Rancheros received a perfect 100 on their health inspection. In fact, they've scored two in a row, and for that, they are the winner of the Golden Spatula Award!

As far as the spread, they've got the ceviche on the menu, in addition to the salmon salad. You can also get the traditional burrito with rice and beans, in addition to the Angus skirt steak.

One of the coolest things about the menu is that you can come on a Wednesday and get 99-cent beef or chicken tacos, and they tell me they serve over 10,000 of them every Wednesday!

I tried the shredded chicken and it was delicious.

Boy, that's good!

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