ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- The health department busted a metro Atlanta buffet for trying to retrieve a container of food from the dumpster. But before we dish out the dirty details, our Adam Murphy gets things started at a family owned Cuban restaurant with a perfect score:

Bienvenidos, Cuban is on the menu on this week's Restaurant Report Card. We're at Lazaro's in the heart of historic Roswell. They've been here nearly eight years. It's inside an old home and it has so much character when you come in. The artwork is straight out of Cuba. They got a top health score, the food is authentic and I'll tell you why. Laz himself is from Cuba and he's back there cooking up delicious entrees for you, many of which I'm going to tell you about in a moment, but first here's this week's best and worst scores.

We asked a Clatyon County buffet manager a question that no one saw coming.

"Were you dumpster diving?"

City Buffet on Highway 85 in Riverdale failed with 56 points and a 'U' for unsatisfactory. The report says there were flies in the kitchen, ants at the mop sink and gnats near the Hibachi station. Plus, employees attempted to save unsafe fried chicken by placing it in a car parked out back. To top things off, an employee jumped inside the dumpster to remove a container and then returned to the kitchen.

"We were not bringing something from the dumpsters," said Manager Roger Dong. "We dumped the chicken wings and the container fell into the dumpster and we just got the container back to be washed. So, of course we asked if he thought the dirty container should have been left in the dumpster. "Yes, people made a violation and mistake."

To make matters worse, management attempted to hide their violations by posting the wrong health score.

Pamela Turnipseed, a customer, found having the wrong score posted to be both misleading and ridiculous.

"I live in this community and it's not fair to the people that live here and support you. You have a 91 'A' up and I took a picture of it, and you really have a 56 'U.' Let me have my money sir. There's no way I'm eating this food and you went dumpster diving," said Pamela.

The manager immediately issued refunds to a group of concerned customers. No questions asked.

"No one would support you with a 'U' I'm sure. We could go dumpster diving ourselves. We don't need you climbing in a dumpster to feed my family," added Pamela.

Just as customers walked out, the manager had this to say, "I know you, I can tell your face. I can his face, I can tell their face. I apologize if I let you down, but really we are making improvements step by step," said Roger.

Other Scores

  • Mimi's Cafe at the Mall of Georgia scored 94 points.
  • The Duke in Dunwoody picked up a 96.
  • Asian Express on Chastain Meadows Parkway in Marietta received a 99.

Golden Spatula Award

Here at Lazaro's Cuban cuisine in the heart of historic Roswell they received a 100 on their last health inspection. Congratulations, they are the winner of this week's Golden Spatula Award. Everything is coming out of that kitchen hot and fresh authentic ingredients. Let's get right to the menu. Over here they have the skirt steak with the rice, you can get the empanadas, pork with grilled onions and rice, black beans, and how about the Cuban sanwhich with Sangria to wash it down. For dessert their pastries are made in house.

We'll see you next week. Boy that's good!

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