Restaurant Report Card is back! Six Feet Under in Grant Park wins inaugural Golden Spatula Award


We had to dig up the Restaurant Report Card, and we had to go Six Feet Under to do it.

Six Feet Under has been around Atlanta for 16 years. We’re on Memorial Drive in Grant Park, and this place is cool. They have incredible rooftop views of one of the older cemeteries in the city, Oakland Cemetery.

And the food? Well, it’s more than Six Feet Under. We’ll tell you all about how great the food is, but first here’s this week’s best and worst scores.

Just three days after failing a surprise health inspection with a 60, Mariscos Mazatlan Seafood Bar and Grill on Pleasant Hill Road in Duluth dropped to a 34 and a “U” for unsatisfactory.

The report showed that lobster, chicken and crab were at unsafe temperatures. Plus, inspectors found at least 20 live cockroaches in the kitchen.

The Health Department shut down the Gwinnett County restaurant, and we went there in search of an explanation.

“Were the roaches getting into the food,” we asked.

“No, they weren’t,” the owner said. “That’s why it wasn’t in the report as being in the food.”

“But there were 20 live cockroaches in the kitchen,” we said.

“Not in the kitchen, in the back area. The cleaning area.”

During our visit, we spotted management removing old, dirty equipment from the kitchen and replacing it with new appliances, including a brand new refrigeration unit.

“Can you assure me there won’t be any more roaches in the kitchen?” we asked.

“Oh yeah, that has already been taken care of,” owner Al Negrete said. “I have a clearance letter of that. I already have that taken care of.”

Mariscos received an 89 and “B” on a follow-up inspection.

In Atlanta, Marlow’s Tavern on Avenue Place near the CDC in DeKalb County failed with 58 points. The report said there was a heavy accumulation of mold-like matter in the ice machine. Plus, an employee was seen leaving the restroom without washing their hands.

Marlow’s improved to a “B” on a re-inspection.

Now to some good scores!

In Cobb County, Panera Bread on Chastain Road in Kennesaw scored a 91 and an “A”. In Clayton County, Sonny’s BBQ on Mt. Zion Road in Jonesboro picked up a 95. In Fulton County, Atmosphere on Piedmont Avenue in Atlanta received a 99.

And back to Six feet Under, they picked up a perfect 100 on their health inspection score. And congratulations are in order because they are the winner of our inaugural Golden Spatula Award!

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