ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) A well-known chain restaurant is in trouble with the health department after receiving a score in the 40s. But before we dish out the dirt details, here's Adam Murphy at a breakfast joint with a perfect score.

If you're a fan of breakfast, brunch and lunch served all day, every day then I've got the spot for you. We're at the Flying Biscuit Cafe on Collier Road in Atlanta. They're located in the Howell Mill Village shopping center and they've been here for two years -- they also have 12 locations around metro Atlanta, but this one got a top health score. And it's southern comfort food at its finest. Plus, Monday through Thursday kids eat free. You can't beat that deal and I love their fluffy biscuits, and OMG, which stands for Oh My Grits around here! We've got so much to talk about, but first here's this week's best and worst scores.

At the Avenue shopping center in West Cobb one restaurant is in some hot water. Romano's Macaroni Grill on Dallas Highway in Marietta failed with 45 points and a 'U' for unsatisfactory. The report says they were improperly thawing ground beef. Plus, the dishwasher wasn't sanitizing properly, and one employee touched their eye glasses, apron and pants and then prepared a salad without washing their hands.

We asked the manager if his employees were aware they needed to wash their hands. "Yes sir," replied Ben Payne, the manager. "The employee that you're speaking of has been terminated from the company."

The manager instructed us to contact corporate. The regional manager responded saying they have taken all necessary actions, including replacement of management and mandatory training of all employees.

A member of the regional operations team sent CBS46 the following statement regarding the less than stellar health inspection:

"At Macaroni Grill, we have strict standards and guidelines regarding food safety and quality of service. We have taken all necessary actions, including replacement of management and mandatory training of all employees at the restaurant, to remedy the situation."

A week after receiving an unsatisfactory score, Macaroni Grill turned things around by picking up a 99 'A' on reinspection.

Other Scores

  • Three Dollar Cafe on Peachtree Parkway picked up a 93.
  • Old South BBQ on Burbank Circle scored a 96.
  • Dagwood's Pizza on Spalding Drive received a 98.

Golden Spatula Award

Here at the Flying Biscuit Cafe on Collier Road in Atlanta they received a perfect 100. So, congratulations they are the winner of this week's Golden Spatula Award. And there is so much good food I have to share with you. Let's get right to it. They have the extravaganza on the menu, you can also get the fried green tomatoes, the cinnamon bun pancakes look so delicious, they also have the country eggs benedict. You can also get the wake-up burger on the menu. We'll see you next week. I can't stand it anymore, I've got to have one of their biscuits. I'm telling you these are the best in town. We'll see you guys next week. Boy that's good!

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