ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- If you plan to dine out this weekend, you'll want to tune in to our restaurant report card first, This week a local deli received one of the lowest scores we've ever seen.

The health department slapped them with a score in the 30's, but before we dish out the dirty details, here's Adam Murphy at a family-owned restaurant serving fresh southern chow with a perfect score.

I've got a fresh catch I can't wait to tell you about this week. We're at Catfish Hox on Sandy Plains Road in Marietta. This restaurant has taken the East Cobb community by storm. They've been here a little over two years and this is a veteran owned family restaurant. Phil is in the kitchen, he served three tours of duty and now he's working hard to dish out great food. It's southern soul food with a Cajun flare to it and their desserts are all made from scratch. I can't wait to tell you about all the entrees as well, but first, here's this week's best and worst scores.

We dropped by a DeKalb deli after the health department uncovered critical health violation in the kitchen. Summit Deli on Rockbridge Road in Lithonia failed with only 36 points and a 'U' for unsatisfactory. The report says a cook handled raw chicken and then ready-to-eat vegetables while wearing the same gloves. Plus, raw fish was thawing in stagnant water and there were roaches in the kitchen area.

"We have our own pest control company come every month," said manager Jay Yang. He said the roaches were not getting into the food. He also said he has asked the health department to train his staff.

"We've never failed an inspection before. This is the first time we've failed," he added.

And he's confident it will never happen again. So much so, he guaranteed an 'A' on reinspection.

"No problem, 90, I guarantee."

Well, that didn't work out so well either. Summit Deli scored 86 points on a reinspection. 

Other Scores

  • Willy's Mexicana Grill on Briarcliff Road in Atlanta picked up  80 points on a reinspection.
  • The Melting Pot on Satellite Boulevard in Duluth scored a 93.
  • Golden Corral on Highway 138 in Stockbridge received 97 points.

Golden Spatula Award

Here at Catifish Hox on Sandy Plains Road in Marietta they received a perfect 100, in fact three in a row. Congratulations, they are the winner of this week's Golden Spatula Award. The food here will bring a smile to your face. Let's get right into it. They have the Catfish Hox salad, they also have the catfish and waffles, the splash and meadow which is the blackened catfish over greens and then they have the brisket with hush puppies and their award-winning tomahawk tacos that have won the Taste of Marietta two years in a row. That's what I'm going to try. We'll see you next week. Boy that's good!

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