A popular sports bar and grill failed to make the grade with a score in the 60's. 

On Cobb Parkway in Atlanta, there's a restaurant where you can come and hang out if you don't mind that they failed a surprise health inspection.

Taco Mac at the location failed with 63 points and a U for unsatisfactory.

The report says there was food debris on numerous plates stored as clean. There was also mold inside the ice machine, and sanitizing buckets were stored on the food prep area, near food.

Management insists they've cleaned up their act, but during our visit, we noticed one violation they forgot to correct.

"I saw you have the wrong inspection posted out here. So are you going to get the right one up?" I asked.

"She's using it right now for a guide to take all the corrective actions," answered the manger.

"Shouldn't that be a guide for people when they walk in and have the right score posted so they know?" I asked.

"I wouldn't be able to speak on that clearly, sir," the manager responded.

After our visit, Taco Mac scored 96 points on a re-inspection.

Meanwhile, on Hammond Drive in Sandy Springs, we followed up with an individual who wasn't happy when we questioned Napoli Pizzeria about a failing health report.

"Two things to tell you -- thank you for coming and I think you guys are fake news," an employee said. 

"I think you have a problem with your health score and we want to find out what you've done to correct it," I said.

"Fake news," the employee responded.

"So wait a minute. Are you saying the 49 U is fake?" I asked.

"It's fake news," the employee responded.

Not only was the 49 score real news, the health department re-inspected the pizza parlor and they still had issues, only scoring 87 points and a B.

Golden Spatula Award

We found a new alternative to fast food at Culver's on Kennesaw Due West Road, and they've been here a couple of months.

The concept is straight out of Wisconsin, and here in Georgia, they've been around a couple of years, but I'm going to tell you that people love this place.

They come in, the food is fresh and cooked to order. In fact, when it comes to the beef, it's 100 percent Midwest beef, never frozen and seared to perfection.

And everything on the menu is under $12!

They picked up a perfect 100 on their health inspection, and for that, congratulations! They are the winner of the Golden Spatula Award.

They have the North Atlantic Cod, which comes with coleslaw and fries. You can also get the Wisconsin Swiss Melt, and they have the onion rings to go with it!

They also have the Double Deluxe Butter Burger, and this is how it gets its name -- they actually take the bun and toast it with butter, which was delicious.

There are also cheese curds on the menu, and don't forget that they also have a frozen custard that is to die for!

I tried the butter burger. That's what people come in here for, and, boy that's good!

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