ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- The health department busted a popular pasta place this week for serving food at unsafe temperatures. But first, our Adam Murphy dishes out our weekly Restaurant Report Card from a pizza joint with a perfect score:

Hey we’re at Triple Jay’s Pizzeria in Midtown Atlanta this week at 11th and Piedmont. This is an awesome New York style pizzeria and they’ve been around town; you may have seen them on their food truck. They’ve been so successful, so they opened a brand-new brick and mortar spot right in the heart of the city of Atlanta.

I think you’ll like the ambiance when you come in, plus you can get all different types of pie and desserts too. I can’t wait to tell you about it, but first here’s this week’s best and worst scores.

At the corner of Peachtree Place and Spring Street the sign on this Midtown pasta place says life is twisted, and so is their health score. Twisted Kitchen is Atlanta failed with 64 points and a 'U' for unsatisfactory. The report says fish, shrimp and sausage were at unsafe temperatures. Plus, staff wiped a pan with a dirty cloth and reused it. Employees posted sticky notes directly on food to keep up with customer orders.

"I wasn't here that day when the health department came. So, I have no idea. You'll have to come back and speak with the person that was here," said the manager when asked about the sticky notes.

That wasn't the worst of things, we also spotted a health report with a score of 91 and an 'A' on the wall. That's not the right score.

"First of all, this is not our score to be posted yet. We have 10 days to get this," said the manager while suggesting we return the following morning to speak with the owner. He then requested we leave.

Other Scores

Management corrected violations and got their Mojo back at Mojo Pizza, scoring 90 points on a reinspection.

Golden Corral on Buford Drive in Buford earned 98 points.

Golden Spatula Award

Here at Triple Jay’s Pizzeria in Midtown Atlanta at 11th and Piedmont they received a 100 on their health inspection. Congratulations they are the winner of this week’s Golden Spatula Award.

When you come in the pie is so good. Let me tell you what they’ve got on the menu. They have the cheese and the slices are big. How about the Detroit style with the pepperoni, the buffalo chicken which is my all-time favorite; it’s so good. You can also get lemon pepper wings, honey hot and the fried Oreo’s to top it off. I’ve got to go with my all-time favorite the buffalo chicken and you know who else likes it? An Atlanta legend our very own Karyn Greer. Boy that’s good!

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